How many times have you been run down by one of New York City’s reckless cyclists? Crazes to deliver groceries and packages on tight deadlines (and earn more tips), some of these commercial cyclists have disregarded every rule of the road. The City Council has passed several bills that could help improve the situation. Now, Mayor Bloomberg just needs to sign them into law.

Why We Need More Regulation

Currently, commercial cyclists do whatever they want. They ride the wrong way down one-way streets and they try to fly down busy sidewalks. Getting run over is like a rite of passage in the city. You’re not a New Yorker until you’ve at least been buzzed by a cyclist.

Right now, though, there’s very little that anyone can do about insane bicyclists. The City Council’s bills, if passed, would force commercial cyclists to wear reflective vests and ID numbers. This would not only make them more visible, but help pedestrians report cyclists who run them over.

The new laws would also require commercial cyclists to attend a kind of driver’s ed for bikers. Some businesses are complained because they will become financially responsible for their employees. If businesses don’t pay for the mandatory classes, they will face fines up to $250.

Everyone Needs More Education

Everyone needs more education about how vehicles should behave on the road. The average person, including cyclists, probably doesn’t even know that bicycles are required to stay on the street and follow the same laws as other vehicles. At the same time, drivers need to know more about sharing the road. When faced with deadly traffic, who can blame cyclists for jumping onto a sidewalk, even if that means smashing into a pedestrian?

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