Free Workers’ Compensation Guide

The Disability Guys’ Guide to Navigating the New York Workers’ Compensation Maze is intended to help accident victims who have been injured while working in New York.

Warning: Read This Book Before You Hire A Lawyer, Speak to the Insurance Company Adjuster or even Fill out any Forms with the Workers Compensation Board
My book sells for $16.95 plus postage but I will send it to you for FREE if you act NOW! This 58 page book reveals:
Free Workers Comp Guide
  • The tactics the insurance companies use to deny you benefits
  • Myths about workers compensation claims
  • Why Workers Compensation is not a lawsuit
  • Why you must disclose past accidents and injuries to your lawyer
  • Important tips for finding a qualified workers compensation attorney
  • The real story behind attorneys fees
  • The basic process of the workers compensation system


Our Free Information Book explains the basics, explains why not all attorneys handle matters in the same way and what you can expect during this trying time in your life.

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