When you’ve made the decision to contact a workers’ compensation or social security disability attorney, it’s important to choose a law firm that fits your needs. In addition to asking for examples of past successful cases, asking all questions you may have about the attorney and legal team’s experience, and asking about the law firm’s fees, it’s also very important to review the testimonials provided by former clients. 

At The Disability Guys, our legal team is proud to have helped thousands of clients recover the compensation that they need. Below are just a few examples of the kind words that our past clients have chosen to share regarding their experience with our law firm. 

“Outstanding Service Provided By Brian Mittman” 

I would like to comment on the outstanding service provided by Brian Mittman, and his team including Scott Daniel. During the initial phase of my research, I was overwhelmed by the thought of going through a process that seemed to be complicated, nerve-wracking and very time-consuming. I also felt like I had to do more than prove my injuries were valid, to qualify for benefits. I was reluctant to contact an attorney and ultimately decided to seek the help of Markhoff & Mittman. I heard a lot of horror stories about social security attorneys, and find it hard to describe how good they made me feel when I first visited the firm, in White Plains. Brian Mittman sat with me for a long time and walked me through the entire process, answering every question in layman terms. He didn’t rush me for time, and before I left, told me to call him any time. If Brian wasn’t available Scott Daniels would often return my phone calls, even past business hours. Scott would also take the time to explain whatever it was that I needed to know, at the time. Brian and Scott took the time to walk me through the process of filing on my own. They were of the opinion I didn’t need them to formally represent me. In actuality, I really did need them, for support. They are currently working on my Worker’s Compensation case and I have no reservations about anything going wrong. Needless to say, I received my Social Security benefits and can’t do enough to thank them. They are truly the best at what they do. There is no way any other law firm would treat a client like they treated me. I am forever grateful to them and would highly recommend them. You won’t regret it. 

– John Enders

“Highly Recommend This Firm”

I highly recommend this firm to all persons with help for compensation cases.  They were very professional, gracious and always ready to give me help at any moment.    I’m very satisfied with their services. It was perfect!

– Manuel Perez

 “Words Can’t Express My Gratitude” 

I have been overwhelmed by the outcome of my disability hearing.  Words can’t actually express my gratitude to the entire Markhoff & Mittman team, especially Miss Beth Kirby who worked diligently with me through the initial process to the end and of course, Mr. Scott Daniels.

I appreciate the timely fashion my hearing went through and also the step-by-step procedure Miss Kirby took me through before the hearing.  The patience Mr. Scott Daniels showed and the explanation before and after the hearing.

– Julie Wang

“Very Helpful” 

The firm and support team were very helpful.  They were very caring and tended to the needs of the case.  What I appreciated the most was they were very punctual and very thorough with how we had to go about the case.

– Carmen Cabrera

“Always There To Answer Questions”

Thank you for all that have done for me.  You were very professional. I like that you and your team work together to get all the information no matter what I tell you.  That is good. You were always there to answer questions to me that was all I need to know. When I call someone is on the other side of the phone to answer questions.  Some firms don’t do that and it causes a problem. You stick by me and work things out. When there was a situation you and your firm work things out. It is good to know that there is a firm Markhoff & Mittman that you can depend on.  So it was a pleasure doing business with you. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

I most appreciated the fact that I can call you and you were there on the other side.  That was a big deal to me. Some firms you call and you get answering machine. You leave your number and days later someone will call you back and the answer is not good.

All I can say continue the way you are.   The fact that you care and you put your all in your work win or lose he or she will see that you work for them.  Markhoff & Mittman is a good firm. I will always mention you to someone.  

Mr. Scott Daniels – Good job.  Thank you. Keep it up. 

– Leona Harry 

“I’m Very Thankful” 

Great experience knowing that I was being guided and assured by a highly loyal, dedicated, professional firm such as Markhoff & Mittman.  I’m very thankful not only to Markhoff & Mittman but also to the firm that referred me to them.

I appreciated the courtesy given to me.  Everyone was courteous, patient, knowledgeable and informative.  Always informed of progress. I want to give Evelyn Torres a special thanks.

– Angel Mendoza

“A Great Experience” 

“It was a great experience.  Mr. Daniels handled my case with the most sensitivity.  He dotted all the “i’s” and crossed all the “t’s.” His knowledge of my case and his confidence in it was gtratifying.  I will make sure to refer him in the future to anyone needing his services ( his claim did not hurt!!).

The administrative aspect and Mr. Daniels’ assistant Beth was the most sincere and helpful.  I hope she will be with your firm for a long time to come. She is valuable.”

– Azar Delorenzo

“Treated As If My Case Was The Most Important”

From the onset, I have been treated as if my case was the most important and totally focused and always kept informed of any developments in my case.

Joy to speak with staff – Maryann, Ms. Torres, Mrs. Mittman, Mr. Jacobs – all are always responsive.

I thank my referring attorney and have appreciated your firm, services from the onset of my injury.  I did not know anything about compensation care and as a result of my exposure to your firm, I can say that I am well informed.  I have referred a few friends/acquaintances to your firm because of my experience and care received by you and your group.

I was and continue to be treated with the utmost consideration by all staff of the firm.  From the receptionist to the partners, always courteous and dedicated. Always responding to my calls and any questions I may have.  So enjoy your monthly newsletter, very upbeat.

– Marlene Cruz

“Grasp Of Social Security Disability Is Unquestionable”

Please be advised that your representing attorney Scott Daniels was always a gentleman to me all through our association.  He listened patiently to me in the telling of my case and retained the information so as to be later used as proof of my disability. Although my condition is not a common one, he still grasped the gravity of the serious effects on me and my having to retire early due to sickness.  I was feeling very little hope and abandoned by my government and he was reassuring in his knowledge and confidence in the validity of my disability claim these past 11 months.

In retrospect your services were cordial and in view of the bureaucracy’s involved, the attorney worked well and smoothly between me and the judge, i.e. the court system.

Your grasp of social security disability is unquestionable.

From my heart, thank you.

– Michael Goldstein

“Responsive And Responsible”

I had my Workers’ Compensation case for five years now. I’m very satisfied with my law firm. They’ve always communicated with me on time and they are responsive and responsible. I will always recommend Markhoff & Mittman Law firm to family and friends. It’s very important to have professional and supportive Law firm during your case.

Thank you and I wish you all the best.

– Sevdija Lalicic 

“Perfect In Every Way” 

“I am very satisfied with the service that the team provided.  Whenever I call, they take importance to my call or needs and take care of it right away.  Special thanks to Brian Mittman, Janice Rivera, Beth Kirby, Randy Jacobs, Maryann and the whole staff because they have made a long process as easy as possible for me.  The team couldn’t have served me better because they were perfect in every way.”

– Anthony Simmons

“Treated In A Very Professional Manner” 

I would like to take this time to thank you for your representation in obtaining my Social Security Benefits. I feel at all times I was treated in a very professional manner and also I was comfortable while at the hearing and confident in the way you presented my case.

– James Short

“I Was So Shocked I Thought The Bank Made A Mistake” 

God Bless you Mr. Scott Daniels, everything worked out as you said it would.  And I thank you. I received the money on March 18, 2012. I was so shocked I thought the bank made a mistake, didn’t know I would get it so soon.  But after I called the bank, they said it was from Social Security. I was so happy. Now I get to pay some bills without having to pay monies back to people.  My hand is not steady so please forgive my writing.

You are a wonderful caring person and I hope to meet you again.  Thank you for the work you have done.

Again, God bless you and your family.

– Tammi Adams

“A Great Law Office”

I am so happy to be represented by a great law office as Markhoff & Mittman.  I’m so happy about the services and the treatment that I received during the last five years since the injury.  Markhoff & Mittman is highly recommended – good staff, excellent people. Special thanks to Mr. Ponti and Mr. Muroff.

It is an honor to be represented by a great experienced attorney like Mr. Stuart Muroff.  A real good attorney who fights for his client in the courtroom. Thanks for all the support and help I received from this great office.  I think the office and the staff did everything to help me and my case, plus helped with any other issues I had.

– Ehar K. Eisse

“I Love Your Firm” 

I love your firm.  I have heard all of the bad experiences with the Social Security Administration.  You have made this a pleasure. I never expected to get my Social Security Disability so fast!!!  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

I appreciated your attitude, respect and availability.  Let me make a commercial with/for you! You need to be advertised!

– Karl Borovicka

“Well Represented In My Social Security Case” 

I feel I was very well represented in my social security case.  Scott Daniels was on the money letting me know about options I had; quick to the response by phone, mail, fax, etc.  Beth Kirby – extremely nice and she knows her stuff. Thanks, Beth! Sharon Baez, another great aspect in my case and Mary Ann who got me connected with everyone.  Great team! Thank you all.

I most appreciated how polite, friendly and knowledgeable the entire team was.  Keep doing what you’re doing.

– Thomas Schattner

“Always Encouraging And Supportive” 

This was a very trying time for me, as I am a nurse and being on the other side (patient) is not my strong point.  The people I dealt with, Karen and Sharon, were the absolute best. It started with Karen who really got me and how I felt.  It has been an emotional time for me to give up the job I loved and was very good at. Karen was understanding and kind. Then Sharon took over to help with forms and guide me through all the paperwork.  She was always encouraging and supportive. I can’t thank these two women enough for making the process palatable for me. Last but not least Mr. Daniels was always prompt to return calls and answer questions.  I know this business – this firm has been very human and that is always the most important.

– Anonymous 

“Knowledgeable, Caring Professionals” 

I highly recommend the firm of Markhoff and Mittman to everyone filing a Social Security Disability claim. I can tell you from my experience that you will receive individualized attention from a team of knowledgeable, caring professionals. Led by attorney Scott Daniels, the team of Beth Kirby, Sharon Baez, and Don Bridges worked together to ensure that all the medical records and pertinent facts of my case were gathered and presented to the Social Security Administration to provide me with the best possible chance for a successful outcome to my claim.

My contact with Mr. Daniels and the support team included regular emails and phone calls which were responded to promptly. Mr. Daniels, in particular, would contact me every so often by phone, just to touch base with me, and let me know that everything was being done and we were on course. I greatly appreciated the friendly, caring treatment that I received from everyone at Markhoff and Mittman.

When my hearing date was nearing, Mr. Daniels went over the details of my case with me. It was reassuring to know that all of the facts were ready to be presented. I was impressed with Mr. Daniels presentation of my case and with his knowledge of the Social Security Disability laws.

– Jeffrey Goldstein

“Treated My With Care And Compassion” 

Since the beginning, the law firm of Markhoft & Mittman has treated me with excellence.  I NEVER EVER had a problem or discrepancy with them. Each time I called Mariann the receptionist always treated me with care and consideration.  All the assistants – Janice, Evelyn, Cynthia, etc including Beth Kirby has treated my case with incredible and professional care. All the lawyers – Dan Elias, Daniel Hom, Randy Jacobs and even Brian Mittman himself represented me in a hearing and all were excellent.  There are no words to express the gratitude I have for everyone at Markhoff & Mittman. They made me feel like family since 1999.

I most appreciated the courtesy and attention given to my case.  I felt 100% confident that all they did was going to be handled regardless that I moved to Puerto Rico.  They never pushed me to the side or lacked attention to my case.

Everything was done to key satisfaction and their services have met my expectations.

– Pedro Loperena

“I Won In Record Time”

I am very pleased with the service I received from Markhoff & Mittman.  When I went to the Markhoff & Mittman office in White Plains, I did not have to wait – I was seen promptly and on time.  I saw an attorney and a paralegal. This meeting was not rushed in any way. All of my questions were answered clearly – and things I was not certain of were slowly explained to me until I had a good understanding of what I asked.  When my appointment was over, I left the M&M office knowing exactly how my case was going to proceed. And, I won in record time!!

I most appreciated that my phone calls were always returned.  In the 1980’s I had a workmen’s comp case. The attorney I had virtually NEVER returned any of my calls- to speak with him, I had to make an appointment, often weeks away.  Your office returned all of my calls, within ONE day. This was a great, great help – thank-you!

I think it might help to have a separate phone line for the Spanish language.  When leaving a message at M&M I could not leave a message until both English and Spanish directions for messaging were finished.

– Charles DeCose Jr.

“Service could not have been better!”

“Maryanne Garcia was always friendly and constantly professional answering directing my calls.  Cynthia Arzon took all of my initial information over the phone.  She was very kind and thorough with the entire process and patient too.

My attorney, Randy Jacobs, was a pleasure to deal with.  He clearly took care of the technical aspects of the case.  I especially appreciated his kind and humble demeanor.  There was never a feeling of pressure and the job got done in a calm and easy fashion.  I really appreciated his help.

Service could not have been better!”

– Karen McGowen

“I felt I was in good hands from my first visit.”

“I must say I felt I was in good hands since my first visit to the office! The environment was very welcoming – the front desk employees are very professional. I appreciated the prompt response I always got when I left a message. Beth was very patient and clear about my case. She always followed up as promised. Scott Daniels did a very good job at prepping me for the case. All his questions were on target. Shawn was great at filling in when Beth was not in. The entire staff did a great job. Great team players.”

-Simone Cameron

“They Are Very Professional.”

“I was very pleased with your firm, especially Scott Daniels who represented me.  He responded to my calls and emails immediately and kept me up-to-date with how the case was going and what to expect.  If he couldn’t do something to help me with a problem, Beth Kirby and Sharon Baez would call and help me.  They were very helpful and very nice to me.  I appreciated it very much.

I appreciated that I was never made to feel like I was a bother to anyone.  They are very professional.  After two years of living with chronic pain and still seeing doctors to try and get help, living without a salary, struggling to pay bills I had to remain confident that I would win the case.  Your firm made it easier to stay positive.  My experience with your firm was excellent and I can’t think of anything that could have been made better.  Thank you”

– Shelley Montgomery

“Keep Doing What You Are Doing.”

“Your team has made things feel comfortable, took some of the anxiety away.  Attorney Scott Daniels make things a lot easier, he reassured me not worry, everything will work out.  He kept me in the loop of everything that was going to happen, and when.

The staff was always professional, documents were taken care of in a timely fashion.  Any questions I had were always answered right away.

Your team is right on time, keep doing what you are.”

– Sharlene Witpmar

“The Firm Was Very Good.”

“My experience with the firm was very good.  I am so happy I chose Markhoff & Mittman to represent me in my time of need.  My heart goes out to Mr. Scott Daniels for really pushing hard for me.  Thank you, Scott.

I appreciated not having to run around or making calls for my medical records and making me feel so comfortable at the hearing.  Keep up the good work!”

– Aliya Forcey

“I Am Very Grateful.”

“I was very happy with my attorney Scott Daniels.  He was very knowledgeable and comforting.  This was my first experience with workers’ compensation and social security and I knew nothing about my rights and entitlement.  I was hurt and I could not return to work.  I am very grateful.

Also, all my calls were returned promptly.”

– Doris Plaza

“Outstanding Support.”

“Our experience with the firm during our recent disability case was excellent.  We received great communication and outstanding support in completing the necessary forms.  I most appreciated the attention by the attorneys and staff.”

– Jose R. Drimons”

“They Provide Translation Services.”

” I had an excellent experience with Markhoff & Mittan. I very much appreciated the fact that they provide translation services for non-English speaking patients.”

– J. Y.

“Lawyers Who Are Compassionate.”

“I would not only recommend this course, but I would also recommend this firm and plan to do so.  I learned a lot about a field of law which I previously knew nothing about.  Most importantly, I was impressed by these two young attorneys.  In this field, it seems to me, you need lawyers who are compassionate.  These guys come across as kind and easy-going; critical traits for this type of practice.  They know their stuff and would give an injured claimant a great sense of confidence.  Kudos!”

– R. K.

“Prompt and Courteous.”

“I truly appreciate your firm taking on my case at such a late date.  Especially the professionalism of Scott Daniels.  I cannot say enough about Scott and the excellent job he did.  It was a pleasure doing business with Scott and your firm.  I will definitely recommend you guys!  I most appreciated the prompt and courteous response to my questions and concerns that I had.  I was perfectly satisfied with your service.”

– David Dessner

“Honest, Supportive, and Accommodating.”

“The firm was very friendly, honest, supportive and accommodating.  Randy Jacobs and Janice Rivera were very helpful and always ready to answer questions you had.  They explained everything that you needed to know.  They were always there when you needed anything answered about the case and whenever I needed anything I could call anytime.  I thank-you and appreciate everything they did for me.”

– Marianna PaLenno

We hope that these reviews help you to better understand how dedicated our law firm is to helping clients with their workers’ compensation and social security disability claims. If you have any further questions, please contact us.