Navigating Through the SSD Maze

The Disability Guys’ Guide to Navigating Through the Social Security Disability Maze is intended to help those applying for social security disability benefits. It features the five reasons why social security will deny your claim… and what you can do about it! Our book sells for $16.95 but we will send it to you for FREE if you act NOW!

Free Social Security Disability GuideThis 50 page book includes:

  • 13 major myths about social security claims
  • 5 big reasons social security will deny you benefits – and how to get around them
  • Dealing with the endless bureaucracy of the Social Security System
  • Important tips in finding a qualified disability attorney
  • Why a social security claim is not a lawsuit
  • The real story behind attorneys fees
  • 25 important truths about getting social security disability

Our Free Information Book explains the basics, explains why not all attorneys handle matters in the same way and what you can expect during this trying time in your life.

If you want to speak to us about your situation right now, please call 914-279-0783. There is no obligation either way! Ordering our book does not make us your attorneys, but it should definitely help you decide what to do.

The Federal Social Security Program Explained by Attorney Brian Mittman.
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