Crowded cities like New York often rely on cyclists to deliver messages, packages, and food. New York City, however, has gotten tired of reckless commercial cyclists who disregard even the most important rules of the road. To combat this issue, the City Council has passed several measures that will require commercial cyclists to attend educational classes and conform to other regulations.


Cyclists Disregard Rules


Assuming that Mayor Bloomberg sights the City Council bills into law, business owners that use commercial cyclists will face a $250 fine if they do not pay for their employees to attend safety classes.


These classes will address some of the common problems reported by New York pedestrians. Many bicyclists ride the wrong way down one-way streets, fly through stop lights, and using sidewalks instead of roads.


Other Regulations for Commercial Cyclists


Businesses that employ commercial cyclists will face several other regulations if Mayor Bloomberg signs the bills into law. Cyclists, for instance, will have to wear reflective vests. They will also have to wear ID numbers that will make it possible for pedestrians to report cyclists who break laws.


Regulations May Impact Businesses


Some business owners are concerned that these new regulations will negatively impact them. Some complain that the city has recently taken anti-business stances on several issues, such as a law banning large soft drinks. The City Council, however, sees regulation as a necessity that will make New York's streets and sidewalks safer for everyone.


One Council measure would even deputize the city's transportation agents so they can hand out tickets to reckless cyclists.