Anyone who has to be on a bike during working hours faces a lot of dangers on the road. In fact, you probably have at least a few routes you think might be an accident waiting to happen. A recent report on pedestrian-bike accidents looked at a few New York neighborhoods to assess the danger level of each. Their results pointed to East Harlem as the most dangerous place for cyclists and pedestrians.

Bike couriers, restaurant delivery workers, and other bikers are often injured on the job in a bike wreck. Pedestrians and those who work at street level are also at risk. In fact, it was reported that around 1000 New Yorkers are hospitalized each year after a collision with a cyclist.

East Harlem topped the list for the most dangerous areas, but the Lower East Side and Chinatown in Manhattan were also listed as likely places for bike and pedestrian injuries.

Although this report focused on the injuries of pedestrians hit by bicyclists, it is important to note that cyclists are also at risk. Just about any bike courier can attest that getting hurt at work in NY is fairly common in the line of work.

The Bronx workers' compensation lawyers with Markhoff & Mittman, PC are glad to see the additional safety awareness this report could bring. We urge both bike workers and street-level workers to be alert and follow the rules of the road.