The US Department of Transportation is highlighting the importance of avoiding distractions while driving. Due to the increase availability of technology, distracted driving has reached a new high. Texting and phone calls while behind the wheel have been the cause of many deadly accidents, claiming the lives of the young, the old, and the innocent.

Distracted driving is not restricted to those in a vehicle. Accidents are also the result of cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicle passengers who are distracted and end up causing accidents. These accidents occur while commuters head out to work each morning, go home each evening, and in the hours between. Those who drive for a living are also at great risk for being injured in a distracted driving related incident.

In fact, those who work behind the wheel for a living may be at a higher risk for causing accidents. Today, people expect fast service and in the transportation and delivery industries that may mean everyone is in a hurry to get the job done. This can cause careless mistakes that lead to vehicle collisions or driver injury.

The Drive Safety Work Week is offering tip sheets to help drivers survive life on the road on the campaign website. The tip sheets are for drivers, employers, employees, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists to help refresh minds about the dangers of becoming distracted while on the move. The site also lists many resources that can help promote better safety standards among the nation's drivers.