No matter how experienced you are working around mercury-tainted materials on the job, you need to understand the importance of protecting yourself from the health hazards surrounding mercury contamination.

Mercury can be found in liquid or vapor form in common materials in the workplace including thermometers and fluorescent light bulbs. When these materials break or are in another way compromised, humans are at risk for being contaminated. The toxic mercury can be absorbed through the skin on contact or the mercury vapors can be inhaled into workers lungs. If consistently exposed to high levels of mercury, you can suffer serious health consequences.

Working around any kind of toxin including mercury requires attention to proper protection methods and equipment. Never forgo wearing gloves or protective clothing just because it is inconvenient. Never forgo wearing a respiratory mask just because you are used to the environment.

If your employer is not providing the appropriate safety gear, they cannot expect you to do the work unprotected. You have a right to ensure your health and safety on the job. Do not allow intimidation to force you into unsafe work no matter what your job is. You should also not be willing to risk your health because you feel you are impervious to contamination.

Many work environments involve handling contaminated materials, even ones seemingly harmless such as fluorescent light bulbs. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to work safety and require your employer to do the same.

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