There is a common occurrence among workers who work day to day with hazardous materials. Many become so used to the smells and presence of potentially hazardous materials in their workplace over time they begin to slack off on utilizing the proper protective gear and protocol provided by employers.

Even with thirty-plus years of working around hazardous fumes behind you, it doesn’t mean you are safe from the consequences of simply breathing in your work environment. All employees should take the time to don proper equipment when working in a potentially hazardous situation where the air quality may not be too great or when coming into contact with hazardous materials you have to touch.

Avoiding safety protocol can be detrimental to your health. Respiratory illnesses, cancers, and other health conditions that are often chronic, long-term, and even deadly, can result from being exposed to harmful toxins in the work environment. If you are working daily in a location or an industry that has environmental toxins, you may develop a health condition that puts you out of work permanently at some point. Many chemical and other toxins can take a toll on the body over time and may not immediately show symptoms until years down the road.

Rather than jeopardize your health and welfare, it is best to follow safety protocol. If guidelines are not in place, it is time to get answers from those in charge. Some employers may skimp on safety measures to cut costs but it is entirely unfair to those working in hazardous conditions day after day.


Be sure to have regular health checkups at your doctor’s office if you work in a toxin environment at any time. If you are diagnosed with a condition related to your work, be sure to schedule a free consultation with our office by calling 855-614-4351 or use our confidential online contact form.