Working in sanitation may appear to be a simple job but with the number of waste products collected every day, the amount of toxins and other hazards on the job make being a sanitation worker potentially dangerous. For this reason, it is important that anyone working in sanitation understand not only the risks involved but also how to protect themselves from such risks.

Consider the things you throw in the trash. Anything from broken glass to used needles can be disposed of in trash bags regardless of the laws so sanitation workers can be exposed to a number of problematic materials which can lead to serious illness or injury. Even slinging a trash bag can cause injuries to the back, arms, knees, or legs when bags are heavy or improperly lifted.

One of the worst dangers sanitation workers face is the potential for falling from a trash truck. These types of on the job falls have proven fatal to workers when their head sustains injuries after the fall. Without protective hard hats, injuries to the head can and have proven to be fatal. Jumping on and off a moving truck also puts workers at risk of being hit by other vehicles.
If you work in the sanitation injury and have suffered a work-related injury from a fall or from coming in contact with hazardous materials, you may have a claim for workers compensation benefits. Contact our experienced legal team for more information by calling toll free at 888-799-3918 or by using our online contact form.