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Best Treatment For Back Injuries

One of the most common injuries or impairments we see on a daily basis in dealing with disability cases involves the back. Whether a person has persistent lower back pain, multiple herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, bulging discs or radiculopathy that radiates throughout the body, these types of impairments can absolutely prevent you from being able to perform in the workplace.

Common forms of treatment for back injuries include treating with an orthopedic doctor, pain medication, physical therapy or consistent treatment with a chiropractor. Sometimes, a specific treatment turns out unsuccessful for a particular person, so trying out a new technique to alleiviate your pain might be a good idea.  For example, I’ve seen clients treat a back injury by getting a series of cortozone injections in an attempt to mitigate their back pain. Often times, these clients get temporary relief, but the pain eventually returns.  There are hundreds of different medicinal options out on the market, but treating with a chiropractor over an extended period of time might provide more relief to your back pain.

In terms of your disability case, it’s important that if you allege a back impairment, you must be treating for it.  Simply alleging that you have lower back pain and you don’t have any medical documentation to support your allegation, Social Security cannot grant you benefits based on your word. Concrete evidence by way of medical documentation is the most important aspect of every case.

Another important factor to remember when dealing with a back injury is that most pain medications come with fairly serious side effects. Some of the strongest pain medications have side effects that include drowsiness, upset stomach, headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting and weakness. Someone who is susceptible to any of these serious side effects could be a danger in the workplace. Therefore, the types of medications a person takes to treat their back injury and the related side effects are major parts of their disability case.

If you are experiencing debilitating back pain that has caused to stop working, please contact one of our highly qualified attorneys so that we can advise you of all of your options. No one plans for becoming a Social Security Disabiity recipient, but if you have worked all of your life and contributed into the the Social Security System, you are entitled disability funds.