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Falling for Your Job? A Scary Proposition

Are you working in a field where you often have to climb ladders, work on lifts, or walk around on roofs? Any work done at a significant height can be a very risky business, especially if your employer is not providing you with the proper safety harness and equipment necessary to keep you safe. But even if you are not that high up in the air, a fall of any kind can still be serious business.

We have seen too many clients with fall related injuries that were not properly cared for financially or even medically. In some cases, the employer lacked even proper procedures for taking care of a fall victim after the accident occurred. This lack of timely medical attention cost the employee even more serious medical problems and of course brought on even steeper medical bills.

In society, we often capitalize on falls and our perception of watching someone fall is funny. Just take a look at all the funny video shows on television and YouTube. It may appear to be entertaining when someone takes a tumble but for work-related fall injuries the consequences can be severe.

Spinal injuries and head injuries are common in falls as are broken legs and arms. When you injure your back or head during a fall, you may be in for a lifetime of continuous medical care and you will need the money to not only take care of those bills but to continually support your family. In cases where a fall resulted in the death or permanent disability of a loved one, family members also have rights to fight for to ensure they are protected and the victim is well cared for medically and financially.


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