If you suffer from difficulties breathing or the inability to catch your breath even after mild exertions, it is highly recommended that you visit your family medical provider as soon as possible. Chronic lung conditions are not something to neglect. Breathing is vital to life and if you are not able to breathe freely, you may need to be referred to a pulmonologist for further testing and diagnosis. There are a wide range of reasons breathing difficulties become a chronic health problem. Environmental factors such as hazardous working conditions are one reason people develop lung disease. Family genetics may also be a factor in lung issues.


Lung problems can affect people of all ages. There are also habits that can significantly increase the risk of developing lung conditions including smoking or working around toxic substances which are breathed into the lungs. Work industries that pose a risk to healthy lungs including construction, remediation work, hazardous waste removal, mine work, firefighters, and any job where toxic substances are potentially present in the air.


Lung conditions can not only put you out of work temporarily, they may evolve to such chronic conditions that you may not be able to function as you normally do. Many people diagnosed with lung conditions will need to be hooked up to oxygen tanks which they must take with them everywhere they go.


Not being able to breathe can be scary for anyone. But if you continue to ignore breathing issues, they will likely only get worse. Lung infection like bronchitis and pneumonia should be treated as soon as possible or additional medical complications could occur. Speak with your family doctor when breathing problems arise. If you are referred to a pulmonologist, be sure to keep your appointment and follow through with any necessary testing.


If you have breathing problems that have halted your normal lifestyle, you may be eligible to receive benefits from Social Security. If you feel your work environment has triggered lung disease or chronic pulmonary conditions, speak with our team of experienced attorneys. You can schedule a free consultation by calling 888-799-3918 or by using our online contact form.