For those who are working in the many fracking worksites growing around the country, there is a serious health risk to consider before committing to the job. These job sites have become such a concern that OSHA recently issued a health warning about the dangers of the silica present on the site.

Workers who are exposed to the sand on the fracking worksites likely are inhaling the toxins at unsafe levels. This exposure leads to the development of lung disease which can ultimately kill workers overtime. One of the complications of silica contamination is that symptoms of lung problems do not show up immediately. In fact, it can be up to a decade before the lung conditions are detected.

Workers who are not made aware of their health risks will likely not seek regular medical checkups and will not be proactive about tracking changes in their health until it is too late. Employers who are hiring workers for fracking sites must also be diligent in training employees about the health hazards on the site and how to avoid breathing in excessive contaminants. Personal protective gear including breathing apparatuses should be provided to all employees. Workers should be made aware of their responsibility to properly wear the gear.

Silicosis can be a deadly disease and workers exposed to the contaminants of silica need to stay under a doctor’s care for proper diagnosis and preventative treatments. If you have been working on a fracking job site and have been exposed to silica, seek medical treatment immediately. You should also contact our experienced legal team to protect your rights as an injured worker.


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