If you suffer from any number of chronic lung conditions, you already know how limited you are in your activities. Many people that contract or develop lung diseases or conditions can no longer live life normally. They may not be able to go to work regularly due to the concerns over breathing or exposure to hazardous substances. Many lung conditions may have even developed due to exposure to hazardous materials on the job.

If you suffer from chronic lung infections, lung cancer, or other breathing problems, you may be qualified for social Security benefits when you can no longer earn a living. Because many people suffering from lung conditions must use additional oxygen or are required to limit physical activity, it can become difficult to do normal, everyday tasks on the job or even at home.

Many of the chronic lung conditions will make you eligible to receive Social Security benefits. It will be important to follow through with a medical evaluation if breathing becomes difficult so you can get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Some lung conditions may only put you out of work on a temporary basis until a treatment begins to work. Other lung issues may require more extensive treatment including surgery that can put you on bed rest for several months. Chronic conditions like COPD may put you out of work for the long term due to you inability to breathe properly.

Your regular medical provider should perform an evaluation. If lung issues are suspected, you may be referred to a pulmonologist for specialty care and treatment. Be sure to follow through with all recommended treatments. If you are diagnosed with a lung condition, you may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits if you lung conditions leave you disabled and unable to earn a living.

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