With temperatures hitting extreme lows and snow storms on the way, New Yorkers are preparing their homes for the upcoming winter weather. While many employers will choose to give their employees the day off or allow them to work remotely so that they can stay safe in their homes, there are some jobs which will force employees to be out and about during dangerous winter weather, putting them at risk for accidents which could result in traumatic brain injuries.

Industries That May See A Rise In TBI’s This Winter

Due to the very nature of their work, employees in the following industries may have their lives turned upside down by TBI.

Snow Plow Drivers

Hoards of plow drivers will be out on the streets, clearing the way for others. But even with a plow on the front of their vehicle, the roads will be dangerous especially when ice forms. Car snow in new york city causing traumatic brain injuryaccidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries and thanks to the winter weather, there will be an increase in accidents.

Workers For Snow Clearing Companies

Even if an employee is using a shovel or a snowblower to help clear away the snow, it’s easy for them to slip and fall, striking their heads on the ice and the hard ground below.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers in a high demand since companies like Amazon have been competing by offering same day or two-day delivery on many items, and unfortunately, many of those companies feel that making sure their customers are satisfied is more important than keeping employees safe and immense pressure will be put on these drivers to continue working through dangerous conditions. Sadly, many will end up with a TBI due to slip and fall accidents or truck accidents.


Another industry where company owners and managers frequently put money ahead of their employee’s safety is construction. Many will be pressured to go to work even though most outdoor projects won’t be able to be worked on.

Postal Workers

Postal workers are generally expected to deliver the mail during all sorts of weather, both on foot and in a vehicle.

Medical Professionals

Just because winter weather will make traveling dangerous doesn’t mean that people will stop getting sick. EMT’s, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will be expected to come to work – but before they get there, an accident may make them the patients.

Whatever industry an accident victim works in, the bottom line is that a traumatic brain injury can impact every part of a patient’s life and can cost them thousands in medical expenses.

How Much Does It Cost To Treat A TBI?

Over a lifetime, a traumatic brain injury costs a patient between $85,000 – $3 million on average. Treatments may include a combination of:

  • CT scansnew york city in winter
  • MRI
  • X-rays
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Round the clock nursing care
  • Medications

If enough damage has been done to the delicate brain tissue, the injured worker may not be able to return to their jobs, sometimes for the rest of their lives, putting a further financial strain on the patient and their loved ones.

Workers’ Comp Can Pay Injured Workers Medical Bills

In New York, most employers are required to carry a workers’ comp insurance policy so that when someone sustains a TBI, their medical bills are covered. Despite this, a disturbing number of claims are denied outright by the insurance companies who are trying to save themselves money.

At Markhoff & Mittman, our attorneys have dedicated their careers to making sure both the initial workers’ comp claim and the appealed denials are paid. We fully understand how stressful this time is and the impact that a traumatic brain injury can have an individual as well as their loved ones. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.