Construction Site Knee InjuryConstruction workers in New York face some of the most dangerous working conditions in America.

Furthermore, increased development in New York City over the last few years has resulted in an increase in accidents and injuries in the construction industry.

Understanding the dangers of construction sites and your legal rights as a construction worker can be important

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Construction Sites: Hazardous Working Environments

In addition to performing work at dangerous heights, construction workers often deal with heavy machinery and equipment which can be very hazardous.

Unfortunately, the inherent dangers of the industry often result in serious construction accidents and workplace injuries.

Accidents On The Job Site

Construction workers are exposed to unique risks that workers in many other industries aren’t. These unique risks often result in common types of accidents and injuries.

The “Fatal Four” is a well known term in the construction industry which refers to the four most deadly types of accidents that occur on constructions sites.

The Fatal Four accidents include:

  • Fall Accidents
  • Struck By Object or Equipment
  • Electrocution Accidents
  • Caught In or Between Heavy Objects

The fatal four are the most common types of accidents which result in fatalities on construction sites, however there are many other types of accidents which can occur and can lead to serious injury. Other typical accidents on construction sites involve scaffolding, cranes, falling objects, ladders, forklifts, heavy machinery and more.

Construction Worker Injuries

Construction accidents are inherently severe in nature due to elevated working conditions and the size of equipment used. While construction workers can suffer an endless number of different injuries, however some of the most common types of injuries include:

Workers’ Compensation & Disability Benefits

Construction workers frequently suffer injuries which can render them unable to work and earn a paycheck for extended periods of time while they recover. In addition to a loss of income, many injured workers incur costly medical bills due to their injury.

Fortunately, New York Workers’ Compensation is designed to protect and support workers who become injured on a construction site. Workers’ compensation covers certain expenses and a portion of lost income for all workers who become injured while in the course of work, regardless of what caused the injury.

While all workers injured on the job are technically entitled to workers’ compensation.

Furthermore, New York State has certain laws in place to specifically designed to protect construction workers who are injured on the job. N.Y. Labor Law § 240 is known as the “Scaffold Law” and imposes absolute liability for injuries associated with elevated working conditions.

An injured construction worker may also be eligible for Social Security disability benefits in addition to workers’ compensation.

The Disability Guys Represent New York’s Construction Workers

If you’ve been injured on a construction site you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and loss of income through workers’ compensation, Social Security disability benefits, personal injury lawsuits or other avenues of recovery.

However, obtaining the compensation that you may need can be very difficult to do. In fact, more than half of all workers’ compensation claims are initially denied and require appeals. Research shows that working with an experienced lawyer can help improve your chances of winning a claim.

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