There are many reasons people need to have annual physicals. Many employers will require a physical examination to ensure the health and welfare of their employees in certain positions and industries. Some people will be required to get an annual physical for insurance purposes and some will elect to have the exam done each year just to keep tabs on their help.


Whatever the reason you are going to your first physical examination, there are some things you should know beforehand so you can be better prepared. Some considerations include:


A Review of Your Medical History

Your doctor will need to know everything about your past health, current medications and behaviors, and any problems or concerns you are experiencing. You should never hide information from a doctor because it could lead to additional medical complications in the future, especially if this is the first time you’ve been seen by the doctor.


A Physical Exam

Your doctor will conduct a physical exam that will include testing your vital signs, listening to your heart beat, checking blood pressure, and body temperature. Your doctor will also check your ears, eyes, nose, throat, and lymph nodes for anything unusual. They will check your abdomen for abnormalities, to check liver size, observe any tenderness, and listen for bowel sounds. Your nerves and muscles will be assessed as well as the external parts of your body and skin for any signs of problems or concerns that require further examination.


Follow Up

After a thorough evaluation, the doctor will discuss any issues with you. If there are concerns, a follow up appointment may be scheduled. It is vital that you follow through with any recommendations made by your doctor and reschedule another physical exam for each year in the future.


Physical examinations on an annual basis allow your physician to keep tabs on potential threats to your health. It is a good way to stay in touch with your overall health and ensure any problems are detected early.