When you need a good medical professional for your regular checkups and medical concerns, it may not be easy to find a primary care physician simply from doing a Google search or checking the Yellow Pages. In order to establish a good relationship with a primary care physician, you need to find someone you trust, someone you feel comfortable with to be successful. Not all doctors and patients will mesh but a good relationship is what you should strive for when selecting a new doctor.


Here are some tips to help you in your search:


Personal Referrals – It may be wise to start with referrals from friends and family members whom you trust. Since they know you best, they may be able to offer advice on which doctors are best suited for your personality and medical concerns.


Convenience Factor – While you may only need to visit with your primary care physician once a year, still consider their proximity when making a choice. You don’t want to have to drive an hour for a medical issue outside of a regular checkup. On the same note, you don’t want to go with the local doctor just because they are closest to you.


Insurance Research – If your health insurance company has a list of doctors who are covered under your plan, you should browse through the list and contact the office directly to address your questions and concerns.


Go With Your Gut –If you make an appointment with a new doctor, pay attention on your first visit. Consider how hard it was to make an appointment, how courteous the staff treated you as a new patient, and how you feel in your gut about the doctor’s professionalism and manner. If you feel you were not treated well, it is a good idea to investigate additional physicians.


Many people enjoy long-term relationships with their doctors but not all relationships are built without some trial and error. Never stay with a doctor where you feel uncomfortable or mistreated. It can have an adverse effect on your health.