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The village of Washingtonville is located within the town of Blooming Grove in central Orange County, New York. The 1,632-acre community includes 6.4 acres of water, such as Moodna Creek and Perry Creek. The towns that share a border with it are Little Britain, Vales Gate, and Rock Tavern. The main roadways that travel through the community are Main Street, Goshen Avenue, Route 94, and Toleman Road.


Initially, the area was known as Matthews Field but was later named after the President of the United States. Vincent Matthews became one of the early European settlers in 1721. 

Settlement in the village began back in 1731. In the late 18th century, the population grew at a steady rate. One of the early settlers included a boot and shoemaker, John Jaques. Jaques established a shop within nine houses in 1809 that was known as Little York. Jaques went on to found the oldest operating winery in the country, the Brotherhood Winery, in 1839. The winery, located on Brotherhood Plaza Drive, was even able to remain in operation, producing sacramental wine for Catholic churches during Prohibition.

After the construction of the New York, Lake Erie, and Western Railway branch in 1850, the community grew even more. Two dairy farms were established in the village following its incorporation in 1895. Bordens and the Farmers Cooperative Market on South Street aided in the economic and population growth.


The village has several parks for the residents to enjoy. Some of these include:

  • Washingtonville Skate Park – located on Highgrove Drive
  • Firefighters Memorial Park – located on Ahern Boulevard
  • L Vern Allen Park – located on Ahern Boulevard
  • Future Village Park – located on West Main Street

The Moffat Library, located on West Main Street, was built in 1887. David Moffat gifted the library to his hometown in the location of his father, Samuel Moffat’s trading post. The building has a stained glass window designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and a Howard clock.


As of 2010, the village consisted of 5,899 residents, 2,177 households, and 1,514 families. The following is the breakdown of the races within the neighborhood.

  • 80.30% white 
  • 8.22% African American
  • 18.27% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.46% Native American
  • 2.51% Asian
  • 0.00% Pacific Islander
  • 6.15% other races
  • 2.36% two or more races

The village had an average income per household of $62,568. A family income was $69,145 per year. Men averaged an income per year of $57,552 versus $39,958 for women.

  • 15.3% Sales and Related
  • 14.1% Administrative
  • 7.0% Education
  • 6.8% Management
  • 6.4% Healthcare

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