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Blooming Grove

The town of Blooming Grove is situated in the central region of Orange County in the state of New York. The community takes up 22,624 acres of which 396.8 is water. Some of the bodies of water include Otter Kill Creek, Otter Kill,  and Moodna Creek. Washingtonville is a village within the town in addition to Oxford, Craigville, Salisbury Mills, Bull Mine, and more. Some of the roadways include Fox Hollow Drive, Cherry Hill Road, Hulseton Road, and Route 94.

Early History

One of the first settlers in the region was Vincent Mathews. In 1721, Mathews bought land from the patent of Rip Van Dam. He established a gristmill and the area quickly became known as Mathew’s Field. His son, David Mathews, was the mayor of the state during the Revolutionary War.

In 1799, the town was formed from Cornwall. However, portions of the town were taken to form Hamptonburgh in 1830, and more was taken in 1845 to form Chester.


The Blooming Hill Farm, located off of NY-208, began in the early 1980s by Guy Jones. They offer an eclectic variety of organic produce to the local restaurants and residents. Their restaurant offers an extensive menu including items such as:

  • wood-fired pizzas
  • rigatoni amatriciana
  • Steelhead trout
  • housemade zucchini cheddar cornbread

Some of the local restaurants nearby include:

  • Bella Luna Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • Feast at Round Hill
  • Clarke’s Cafe & Ice Cream

Within the community is Mountain Lodge Park, a neighborhood of approximately 800 homes. It is built upon the Schunemunk Mountain, one of the highest in Orange County at 1,664 feet. The area was originally a summer home development but has grown to a full community with a volunteer fire department, a synagogue, and a general store.


The town had a population of 18,028 residents in 2010. They helped to form the 6,284 households and 4,750 families within its borders. The breakdown of the races within the town included the following:

  • 84.5% white 
  • 6.2% African American
  • 15.0% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.5% Native American
  • 2.2% Asian
  • 0.02% Pacific Islander
  • 3.8% other races
  • 2.6% two or more races

English is spoken by 83.7% of the residents, while 12.1% speak Spanish. In addition to the large Hispanic community, common ancestry groups within the town include:

  • Irish
  • Italian
  • German

The income median per household within the community was $89,327 in 2013. A family income averaged at $100,142. Men that were employed full-time had an income median of $65,685 versus $50,835 for women annually. Some of the most frequently held professions included:

  • 14.7% Sales and Related
  • 13.8% Administrative
  • 9.2% Management
  • 7.1% Education
  • 5.3% Law Enforcement
  • 5.2% Food Service

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