New York Workers’ Compensation & Social Security Disability Benefits For A Knee Injury

Let our attorneys guide you through the workers’ comp or SSD claim process.

New York Workers’ Compensation & Social Security Disability Benefits For A Knee Injury

Let our attorneys guide you through the workers’ comp or SSD claim process.

Knee Injuries On The Job

We use our knees all the time in our everyday lives and at work. Bending, sitting, standing, and kneeling are all normal, everyday movements we make that can cause the eventual wearing down of the knee.

While knee injuries are common for some workers such as construction workers, warehouse workers or factory workers, a knee injury can occur in any workplace environment.

Whether you have injured your knee while working or are suffering from chronic knee pain, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation or Social Security disability benefits.

Knee Injuries Vs. Knee Pain

Worker Knee Injury DiagramWhen it comes to manual labor and your knees, there are a number of ways you can suffer an injury.

A common way that workers sustain knee injuries is during heavy lifting duties, especially over a long period of time and when heavy lifting procedures are not followed.

Falls are also common in the workplace and can cause extensive knee damage to the tendons, ligament, and bone. Banging your knee on work equipment while performing manual labor is also responsible for many on-the-job knee injuries in the workplace.

Chronic Knee Pain: A Common Problem In The Workplace

While our knees can withstand a lot, over time due to age and injury the cartilage begins to wear down and problems can begin. Many knee problems like arthritis and cartilage can bring on a lot of pain and swelling making it difficult to work or do any normal activities. Chronic knee pain can be difficult to manage and may end up requiring surgery. More importantly knee pain can put you out of work.

Even if you do not work in a strenuous job, you can still develop chronic pain over time. Workers that must stand or walk on hard, concrete floors can eventually feel the effects in their knee especially as they get older and their knee cartilage starts to degenerate.

Falls: A Common Workplace Injury On Construction Sites

Construction Site Knee InjuryFalls are among the most common types of accidents on construction sites, but can occur in other workplaces as well. In fact, an estimated 1.3 million visits to US emergency rooms each year are attributed to falls.

A simple fall can cause serious knee damage and acute knee trauma. There are several specific injuries that can occur to the knee during and after a fall. The following are some examples of the damage that can be done to your knees during a fall:

Chrondromalacia Patellae

This kind of injury causes pain in the knee when bending it after taking a fall. This type of injury results when the cartilage that covers the patella (the kneecap) suffers damage after falling directly on the knee. Once the cartilage is torn, acute pain in the front of the knee will occur with movement. A grinding or clicking noise may also be present with the pain when you bend or straighten the knee. Swelling around the kneecap may also be present.

Dislocated Kneecap

When you dislocate your patella during a fall, you knock it out of its normal position at the front of the knee. Dislocated kneecaps can occur during blunt force trauma as occurs with a fall or can be a hereditary condition which can be worsened as the result of a fall.

Fractured Kneecap

A fall can result in a the fracturing or breaking of the patella at the front of the knee. Most fractures of the patella will also include injuries and damage to the surrounding tendons and ligaments. Pain will be severe around the kneecap area especially during movement.

What Should I Do If I Injured My Knee At Work?

If you have suffered a knee injury or any other type of work-related injury, it can be tempting to go back to work without the proper rest. Doing so can cause even bigger injuries and stronger pain so it is best to take the doctor’s advice and rest while you can.

The less weight you put on your knee, the more time you give it to heal. There are often recommendations from doctors that involve just resting the knee to get relief from the pain. Putting your leg up and using heat or ice will allow the muscles to relax and more blood to flow into the area and promote healing.

Unfortunately, suffering a knee injury can have many negative consequences in addition to physical pain. A knee injury can keep you away from work and can cause you to incur expensive medical bills. The combination of these factors can result in financial difficulties for injured workers.

Fortunately, there are multiple forms of financial support available for injured workers including workers’ compensation, Social Security disability benefits and other options. However, the process involved in claiming compensation after a work injury can be complex and frustrating. As a result, many workers are unable to obtain the financial support that they may need.

The Disability Guys: Helping Workers Recover From Knee Injuries

If a knee injury or knee pain is causing you to miss work, you may be eligible for compensation. The Disability Guys have been helping injured New York workers to obtain the compensation that they are owed for decades. We will help you determine any and all possible options of obtaining compensation after an injury.

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