Workers Compensation Calculator

Knowing how much money you may be receiving when you have been forced out of work due to an injury or accident is important.

We understand that you have
*    Rent or mortgage bills to pay
*    Groceries to by
*    Families to cloth
*    Utility bills (cable, electricity, water…) to pay
*    And many other bills
And this is all happening while you have been injured, may be in serious pain, on various medications and just cannot work.

New York does provide reasonable weekly benefits based on the date of your accident (here is a list of NY Workers Compensation Maximum Benefit Rates) that will pay you while you are out of work due to your injury.

Our calculator will provide you with the estimated regular total disability benefit you may get. But BE AWARE – the insurance industry and even the Workers Compensation Board has come up with some really lousy ways to pay you a lot less than the calculated dollar amount we will show you.

So fill in the form, get your estimated amount and learn some more about how much workers compensation pays!

Workers’ Comp Calculator