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The residential neighborhood of Riverdale is located in the northern portion of the Bronx and is bordered by Yonkers. Within the area’s borders, you’ll find Van Cortlandt Park, Broadway, Kingsbridge, Harlem River, Spuyten Duyvil, and the Hudson River west.


Historical information dates back to the 17th century when an interesting story about Anthony van Corlaer was recorded in 1642, stating he attempted to swim across the Harlem River but was attacked by an unknown sea creature that dragged him down into the depths of the ocean. This story is said to may have been the first mention of a possible shark attack in the entire New World history.

Riverdale was a 19th-century estate district where many of Manhattan’s conglomerates established their country estates; for example, what is now Fieldston was part of the estate of Major Joseph Delafield, who bought 250 acres in 1829 and named it after his family’s house in England.

The growing popularity of the railroad commute enabled rich businesspeople to make Riverdale their year-round abode at the turn of the twentieth century. Fieldston is a remarkably well-preserved example of a turn-of-the-century upper-class suburb controlled by a private association. Many of the historic mansions on Hudson Hill have been preserved.

The area grew more affluent apartment complexes and smaller residences as the twentieth century proceeded.
Riverdale has maintained its reputation as an upscale neighborhood in New York City to this day. Due to the vast amount of rich history Riverdale holds, the creation of the Riverdale Historic District was born.

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