This article on the history of the Manhattan neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen, it brought to you by the Hell’s Kitchen workers’ compensation lawyers at The Disability Guys.

No one really knows how Hell’s Kitchen got its name, however, the generally accepted reasoning is that the neighborhood is known for having a violent past, although it is now the home of many chic restaurants and Broadway theaters.

Hell’s Kitchen: The Early Years

The neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen is close to the Hudson River docks and it was this proximity that made German and Irish immigrants who worked in those docks to make the area their home. It was these men who also later formed gangs in the 1800s. Some of the well-known Hell's Kitchen street near workers' comp law office. gangs in the area include the Hell’s Kitchen Gang, The Gorillas, and the Parlor Mob.

The area soon became known for violence and no one dared to set foot into gang territory without permission. There are even stories of a place called House of Blazes were strangers would be invited to have a drink, only to be doused in alcohol and lit on fire. Needless to say, the people who lived in this area were very poor. Many of the “businesses” in the area included slaughterhouses, prostitution houses, and bars.

The area was considered dangerous until the 1970s when gentrification began and the city created a comprehensive plan for the revitalization of the neighborhood.

Hell’s Kitchen Today

Now Hell’s Kitchen is home to around 45,000 residents living in 422 acres. The median household income is around $98,000 a year and the population is very diverse. Due to lower housing costs than the rest of Manhattan and the close proximity to the entertainment district, many of the residents are aspiring actors and comedians.

The area is conveniently connected to all other areas of New York thanks to the excellent public transit system.

A few of the famous or notable residents who currently or have in the past made Hell’s Kitchen their home include:

  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Trevor Noah
  • Robert DeNiro
  • Mary “Typhoid Mary” Mallon
  • Bruce Willis
  • Sly Stallone
  • Mickey Rourke

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this brief history provided by the Hell’s Kitchen attorneys at The Disability Guys.  Learn more about the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood by reading our article on auto body shops in Hell’s Kitchen.