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Our team, which has been representing workers who have been injured on the job since 1933, is dedicated to making sure the injured are able to obtain the compensation they need and that they are treated with respect during this stressful, difficult time.

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From the moment you contact our office, we will work with you to front doors of new york city law firmreview the facts of your case, help you determine if you are eligible for workers’ compensation, assist you with any paperwork, speak with the insurance company on your behalf, inform you of any other legal options available to you, and if you choose, help you pursue those other options. For example, in many cases, it is possible that the injured worker can seek compensation via a personal injury lawsuit in addition to filing for workers’ compensation.


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Commonly, our clients are construction workers, electricians, nurses, factory workers, firefighters, police officers, transit authority workers, truck drivers, and sanitation workers. But we happily represent workers from ANY profession.

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Hundreds Of Workers’ Compensation Clients Assisted

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When someone is hurt at work, in addition to struggling with their physical pain, they are suddenly faced with the stress of figuring the workers’ compensation insurance system. Unfortunately, over the decades, insurance companies have learned that if they make the process difficult, not only will they be able to deny claims but often, applicants will just give up, saving the company money.

What many injured workers don’t realize is that workers’ compensation law firms exist to help them get through the claims and appeals processes. In fact, Markhoff & Mittman also known as The Disability Guys has been helping employees in New York for more than seven decades. Our legal team focuses entirely on identifying all legal avenues available to injured workers.

In the past, our clients have included workers who were injured by:

  • crane accidents
  • healthcare accidents
  • slip & fall accidents
  • violent attacks
  • heavy lifting
  • ladder falls
  • building collapse
  • falling objects
  • scaffolding collapse
  • exposure to toxic substances
  • mining accidents
  • repetitive motions
  • defective equipment
  • auto accidents

The bottom line is, that all workers’ comp is supposed to be “no-fault” meaning that with very few exceptions, anyone hurt on the job should be covered by the insurance policy even if their own actions caused the accident and injury to occur. It doesn’t matter what exactly caused their injury.

By working with an attorney from the very beginning, applicants can be sure that their claim will be processed quickly and that any problems with the insurance company will be handled immediately. If the claim has already been denied, an attorney can handle the appeals process.

Social Security Attorney – Keeping Disabled Workers Financially Secure

Lawyers Handling Social Security Disability Claims & Social Security Income Claims

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Although most people associated Social Security Disability with retirement, this program also exists to help those who have worked hard and who are now disabled. However, there are requirements that need to be met. First, the applicant must have worked a specific period of time. Second, they must have a physical or emotional disability that prevents them from working, and third, there must be medical evidence to support the inability to work.

For clients who don’t meet those requirements, a different claim can be made to Social Security Income.

Because the government is overwhelmed with applicants and operating with few resources, there is little assistance offered to those who need help the most and more than half of all claims are denied. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced attorney. Without their help, financial assistance may never be obtained.

Labor Relations Attorney – Getting Injured Employees Back On Their Feet

Lawyers Experienced In Handling Construction Accident Cases

  • Case Results Include A 9.6 Year Settlement For A Construction Worker Who Fell From Scaffolding

  • Recommended Highly By Former Clients

  • Aggressively Fighting For Best Compensation Possible For Injured Workers

Construction accidents are some of the most common and also the most dangerous that an employee can be involved in. Construction workers are constantly surrounded by sharp objects, heavy machinery, live electrical wires, and slip and fall hazards. In addition to this, they are often expected to work from great heights. Without the proper safety gear and standards in place, serious injuries may occur.

In New York, employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance to cover the medical bills of any employees who are hurt on the job. But in many construction accident cases, this isn’t the only compensation that can be obtained. If a third-party, such as a tool manufacturer or another contractor has been negligent, it may be possible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

This lawsuit can provide additional compensation to cover lost wages, emotional pain, and physical pain and suffering.

In order to pursue this form of compensation, it must be proven that the responsible party was negligent. An attorney can legally obtain evidence to support this claim which could potentially make or break the case.

Law Firm – Ready To Argue A Case Before The Workers’ Comp Board

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Stress can be physically, emotionally, and mentally destructive and although everyone experiences it, sometimes life circumstances prevent a person from reducing the stress in their life.

When a worker is hurt on the job, not only are they dealing with physical pain and ongoing medical treatments but they also now have to figure out the workers’ compensation process which is complex. A bit of relief may be felt when they believe that the workers’ comp claim has been completed, however, the stress is likely to come back twice as strong when a denial letter is received.

While the denial can be appealed, it must be done quickly and the correct paperwork must be submitted. Then, the real work begins – building the case.

The case will likely go before the Workers’ Compensation Judge and may end up before the NY Workers’ Comp Board for review. While the applicants are not required to have a lawyer by their side, their chances of overturning a denial are much greater if they do.

Insurance Attorney – Working Closely With Medical Professionals

Law Firm Working Closely With Nurses Who Have Been Hurt On The Job

  • Benefits Obtained For Nurses With Career Ending Injuries

  • Voted Top Nursing Injury Lawyers 2016

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Nurses are wonderful caregivers who are frequently there to assist a patient in their time of need but what happens when the nurse becomes the patient? If injured on the job, many nurses are left unaided by the hospital they work for and have to muddle through the workers’ compensation process alone.

What’s even more disturbing is that many hospitals challenge the claim by saying that the nurse wasn’t really injured on the job. Then it’s on the employee to prove that they were hurt while at work – something that is difficult to do when they are already dealing with tremendous pain. This is why contacting an attorney as quickly as possible is incredibly important.

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August 3rd, 2016 – Cinderblock Hits Construction Worker In The Head

Emergency responders rushed a man who was working on a construction site in Brooklyn to the hospital after a cinderblock fell about five feet and struck him in the head. His injuries were described as “severe”. Learn more at New York Daily News.

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