Being in a relationship with someone you work with certainly can have pros and cons. In some cases, the risk for problems is nipped in the bud by employers who forbid in-office relationships, including marriage. Making it against the rules to date your co-workers is meant to protect the job environment. In locations where dating and marriage is permitted in the workplace, there is the potential for spurned feelings to turn into violence.

Working near or with your significant other can be enjoyable as you get to spend a lot of time together. But should your relationship sour, you have to face the realities at work and still having to associate with someone who may not be higher on the list of people you like. There have been many situations across the country where violence has erupted on the job when relationships have gone bad.

While it is hard to navigate matters of the heart, it can be difficult to deal with people you are no longer in a relationship with. Facing them on the job day after day can be too difficult to deal with and if bitter feelings are in the air, other workers at the job site can also be in jeopardy.

Before entering into an on-the-job relationship, take the time to consider the ramifications should the relationship not work out. If you work around those who are involved in a relationship turned bad, be cautious about what is being said and any actions that could prove threatening. Report your concerns to a supervisor so management can monitor the situation and protect the other workers.