An estimated two million workers in the United States are the victims to violence in their jobs each year. For those who have been injured or even killed in a workplace outburst of violence, they are entitled to workers compensation benefits. 

OSHA has been studying the incidence of workplace violence in New York as well as across the country. There are a number of reasons while violence can and does occur at work but no matter what the intent was, the reality is that victims have a tough time surviving the situation afterwards. 

While any job can involve incidents of workplace violence, there are statistics that show workers in New York employed in particular professions may be more susceptible to injuries on the job from acts of violence. These job specifics can put New Yorkers at higher risk for being a victim:

  • Workers who must deal with the exchange of money with the public such as check cashing services, convenience stores and other retailers, and bank employees.
  • Workers that deliver goods to/for the public such as mailmen, package services, and movers.
  • Employees that are working during the late night hours or the early morning shift.
  • Employees of facilities that care for or attract mentally unstable individuals including hospitals, police and emergency personnel, homeless shelters, and community service providers.
  • Those working in closed public environments including bus drivers, taxi drivers, and limousine services.

While incidents of workplace violence is certainly not limited to the above job-related criteria, those employed with the general public are typically at most risk due to the unpredictable nature in society. Violence prevention and assessment needs to be an important part of a workplace environment in order to avoid increased incidents of injury and death on the job. Both employers and employees need to work together to ensure the environment is safe and a plan of action is in place.