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5 Myths About Workplace Violence

When many people hear about the topic of workplace violence they often joke about workers going ‘postal’ due to the news coverage in recent years featuring postal workers harming co-workers and even facing their own mortality when the situation gets out of control. Workplace violence is certainly not limited to post office workers. In fact, there are estimates of nearly 1,000 people each year being killed on the job. This does not include sexual assaults, violent assaults, and robberies that also victimize employees.

Here are some other common misconceptions about workplace violence:

#1. Safety Measures and Security Prevent Violence

Even if you pass through a metal detector on your way in to work, it does not mean it will ensure your safety. Security measures do help to prevent some incidents of workplace violence but someone really looking to cause harm will find their way around normal security.

#2. No One Can Predict Violent Incidents

While it is possible that employees can react violently without much warning, there are usually signs prior to any events. Depressed moods, irrational arguments, and even subtle changes in an employee’s routine can signal something is wrong. The workplace at large should be trained to keep a look out for such signals. Management should also have standards in place and take proactive measures to ensuring the safety of all.

#3. No One Can Prevent Workplace Violence

Many companies leave their health and safety management plans for addressing workplace violence sit idle in a handbook. Preventing workplace violence takes active communication and proactive efforts to implement proper training and assessment tactics for high-risk employees or situations to avoid workers compensation issues.

#4. Women Have No Worries for Workplace Violence

Many people mistakenly thing that workplace violence is a ‘man thing’. However, anyone at any time can be the instigator or the victim in a workplace incident. Irrational behaviors can be exhibited by anyone and those acting out of sorts may target random individuals for violent acts.

#5. Violence At Work Is Always Work-Related

In many cases of workplace violence, troubles outside of work are the trigger that makes people act out at work. Many incidents have nothing to do with what is going on at work. The work environment just happens to be the location an individual is in during the time they can no longer cope.


If you have been the victim of a workplace violence incident, you need to seek legal guidance before starting a case. Workplace violence needs to be taken very seriously and we are here to help you. Contact us toll free at 866-205-2415  to schedule a free consultation with our experienced attorneys. You can also use our online confidential form.


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