When you are active on the popular social media sites, you may be doing a lot more than letting family and friends in on your daily activities. While some people rely on the power of social media to get ahead at the workplace, there are many more that end up falling victim to social media mistakes.

Social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, have the power to build and to destroy a career. Any employee of a company with an employee handbook should become very clear on the policies concerning social media and the Internet. Otherwise, individuals are at risk for losing the job and their income as fast as you can submit an update online.

People are often naïve in thinking that what they say amongst their friends will not carry any farther but a simple Google search can blow that theory out of the water. Just one wrong post and your job or career can be in jeopardy.

Consider the many news headlines that have outlined public figures posting highly inappropriate things on their Facebook page. It is certainly not limited to celebrities either. There have been many stories about local and even federal government officials showing off way more than they should on their Facebook page. Many of these people have been forced to resign from office and many have lost their entire career.

Even if you are working in a small, hometown office, don’t think for a minute that what you say online can not be used against you. You may be inclined to chat about your boss’s bad habits among your friends but what goes online can be found online.

If you maintain a social media account, think before you post. Don’t post when you are intoxicated, mad, or frustrated, especially about work-related issues. You may not be happy with the job you have now but you may be very unhappy when you lose that stable source of income before you are ready.