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Characterizing Cyber Bullying At Work

Cyber bullying is in the news often lately but because it is often linked with teens, there is not a lot of focus being placed on the seriousness of the bullying tactics in other venues, including the workplace, that affect many adults.

Due to the lack of information about cyber bullying in the workplace, it is important for people to understand what cyber bullying can consist of so they may take action if they feel they have been a victim.

Here are the basic signs you may be cyber bullied on the job:

Inappropriate/Offensive Emails

It is not uncommon for coworkers and acquaintances to forward emails of questionable content. If a joke or supposedly funny email is offensive or hurtful to you, you need to take a proactive stance and request these types of emails cease. If they continue you must alert management about the situation.

Electronic Threats

People often receive emailed messages that contain content which can be perceived as a threat or unjust treatment. These emailed threats can come from management or other co-workers and relate to either personal issues or work-related threats.  Be sure to save the email content or print out copies to support your belief you are being bullied.

Social Networking Gossip

With technology and the popularity of social networking websites, employees may come across information posted by a co-worker that is demeaning, embarrassing, and hurtful. Because such posts in a public forum can be considered threatening and intimidating, the scenario would be categorized as a form of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying can take many forms and can cause a lot of damage. The posting and emailing through the Internet of intimidating information or personal data does not have to done while on the job to be considered work-related cyber bullying. If you have been the victim of such bullying tactics, it is important that you legally protect yourself against the damage that may have already been done. Attempts should first be made to deal directly with the electronic attacker. If the threats do not stop, management needs to be informed.  If the situation escalates or you feel you are not being fairly assisted in dealing with the problem, contact our office today for help.

You can schedule a free consultation related to your cyber bullying in the workplace by calling us toll free 866-205-2415 or by using our confidential online contact form.

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