With the rage of social media taking over society, people are becoming so comfortable with taking their details public, few realize exactly how their Tweets or Facebook wall postings can affect their lives – including their work life.

Here are 10 ways Facebook can hurt you at work:

1.Boss Bashing

Having a bad day at work is one thing but broadcasting your heated complaints about your boss can be cause for termination.

2. Handbook No-No

Some companies have issues with employees posting any work-related information online. Violating company policies can also get you fired especially if you are posting work gossip or company secrets.

3. Employment Opportunities

If you are currently employed but use Facebook to seek out new job opportunities, you are not likely to be employed for long.

4. Inappropriate Postings

Some employers have no tolerance for employees posting inappropriate comments or pictures online, especially for people who are company representatives or in the public eye.

5. Co-Worker Problems

Being friends with people you work with can cause tension in the office based on what is said in the virtual world.

6. Busted Excuse

People who take sick days should not be posting about the fun time they are having playing ‘hooky’ from work.

7. Too Personal

Many jobs require a level of privacy between employees and their clients/customers. Having a public profile that others can access can be bad for business and can be dangerous for employees safety.

8. Too Opinionated

In some cases, your personal opinions broadcasted on Facebook can work to your detriment at your job.

9. Giving Advice

Those in certain industries such as healthcare and law may be approached via Facebook to offer advice. Giving that advice in a public forum can be reason for termination.

10. Lack of Productivity

If you are working on the clock when your latest Facebook posts go up, you could be cited or fired for wasting company time and not being productive. Many companies have instituted strict policies regarding the use of Internet in the workplace for personal reasons.