Working at a manual labor job requires attention to detail and to safety measures in order to avoid workers compensation injuries and serious medical issues moving forward. But when employers cover the ‘health and safety’ requirements in training seminars and in the employee handbook, many people fail to really consider how health plays into our jobs.

As more people need to put off retirement for another year or more to keep income coming in, many jobs that require demanding physical labor can put the health of employees at risk. If your body is not healthy to start with, you are putting yourself in harm’s way when it comes to injuries on the job.

Many employers will require yearly physicals by the family or work physician to ensure their employees are in good enough shape to handle the tasks at hand. Those that do not require a physical should still remind employees about the importance of regular health check ups.

There are many stories of people dying on the job because they were not in shape enough to perform job tasks safely. Many people, especially those on the job for a long time, will resist the notion of seeing doctor when their normal aches and pains go to a new level. Heart attacks, heart failure, and other issues can be linked to pushing one’s self too hard for too long. Manual labor jobs, especially for those older in age or already suffering other medical issues are putting people at risk.

While you may need the job to get the paycheck, remember to check in regularly with your own health and make sure you are capable of doing the job at hand. If your body gives out on the job or you suffer a work injury, you are jeopardizing your income anyway. Err on the side of caution and check in with your doctor whether your employer requires it or not.