Working in any capacity in a healthcare environment can cause many employees to be hurt on the job or suffer the long-term chronic effects of life in the healthcare industry. Those who work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, jails, and for private healthcare companies face dangers that other industries do not face.

Some of the top-ranked dangers for those involved in the healthcare industry include:

Physical Dangers

Healthcare workers are often responsible for heavy lifting that involves moving patients, large equipment, and working in a fast-paced environment. As a result, many healthcare workers suffer physical injuries including chronic back pain, pulled or strained muscles, and even the physical damages sustained when patients get violent or out of control.

Biological Dangers

Working around sick patients all of the time poses a great risk to the health and safety of all staff in the healthcare field. From common colds to highly infectious diseases, healthcare workers are susceptible to a wide range of disease and health complications every day they put time in on the job.

Chemical Dangers

There are a lot of chemicals involved in the healthcare field as well as potential hazards from the medical devices healthcare workers must operate including x-ray machines, poisonous cleaning fluids, and corrosive materials. Many healthcare workers develop respiratory illnesses, incur burns, or develop long-term health consequences from working around medical facilities.

Mental Health Dangers

Depending on the field of medicine, there can be additional stressors that affect the physical as well as the mental health of workers. In the healthcare industry, there are a multitude of patients and personalities. For instance, constantly having to tend to the severely injured and the dying can take a large emotional toll.

Working in the healthcare field is certainly an important job but it is necessary to always follow proper protocol in the interest of personal health and safety. Assisting people in recovering from traumatic injuries or deadly diseases certainly carries a risk that can end up leaving workers sick and unable to work or care for their own health needs.

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