Working on the back of a garbage truck can be a hazardous proposition, even for the most experienced worker. Riding on the sides or back of a trash truck leaves workers susceptible to slips and falls which can prove deadly in an instant.

The recent story of the Peekskill sanitation worker who ended up in the hospital in critical condition, brings to light the importance of focus and safety when working on or around moving vehicles. It is believed the worker fell backwards when the trash truck began moving forward after stopping at a traffic light. Without being strapped on to the truck or using other safety equipment, such workers can fall victim to a simple slip that ultimately ends their life.

Any moving vehicle is a hazard to the health of a worker. Whether you are operating the vehicle or are just an innocent bystander, moving vehicles can and do kill. Consider a busy warehouse environment where pallet jacks and forklifts are constantly in motion around pedestrian workers. At any time, a wrong move can have catastrophic results. Workers get injured being thrown off or run over moving vehicles while on the job and it is important for proper safety training to be implemented for all those working on or around moving vehicles.

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