The New York Worker’s Compensation Board has released its current policy on firearms and other weapons within its offices and hearing locations. Essentially, no one is permitted to carry any weapon on them while on the premises. This includes police officers who are appearing as part of the proceedings.

As an injured worker filing for a workers compensation claim, it is essential you not only obey the laws concerning what you can and can’t bring into a workers compensation hearing, you must also be familiar with the other regulations imposed by the Board. Your attorney can advise you on any questions or concerns about what to expect at a workers comp hearing and you should be sure you are clear on everything.

While it may appear to be common sense not to bring a gun, knife, or other perceived weapon into a compensation proceeding, not everyone understands the rules. As a result, getting caught with a banned weapon will likely have your claim delayed and you may even face legal repercussions for not following the rules.

Being involved on a workers compensation claim requires you to follow other rules in addition to the firearms policy. More insurance carriers are taking proactive measures to investigate claims and double-check for fraud. Be sure to speak with your legal representative if you have any questions about your claim so you can be sure you are doing what is necessary and what is required by law to deal with your job-related injury.