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Top 5 Dangers of Working Around Heavy Equipment and Vehicles

Workers compensation claims arising from employees who work around heavy equipment or vehicles are on the rise. Even with technology ever-changing, we still often need to get in and up close to maintain and repair and operate large industrial-type equipment to earn a living.

There are specific dangers for those working around the big machines. The top 5 on the job hazards for these particular work environments include:

1. Equipment Failure

Working on or with faulty equipment is a leading cause of injury at work. A variety of injuries can occur when equipment fails so safety checks are vital for the proper functioning of all equipment and safety standards must be met to ensure the safety of all workers.

2. Chemical Hazards

Chemicals that are used in production and manufacturing can be hazardous to the health of employees. Proper training is required for everyone in the environment for the proper safety, handling and disposal of all hazardous chemicals. Additionally, long-term exposure to certain chemicals may cause health hazards in the present or at a time in the future.

3. Entanglement

Working around different production facilities, it is all too common for employees to get caught up in the actual machines. Lose clothing, jewelry, and even human hair can become entangled into a machine causing serious injury.

4. Lifting

Lifting heavy objects improperly or repeatedly can cause back injuries, neck injuries, and leg injuries if proper lifting techniques or proper equipment is not used.

5. Improper Environment Design

If the environment in which employees work is not properly designed, injuries from repetitive motion and trauma can result due to an employee having to overcompensate for the inadequate work space. Injuries to the back, knees, feet, and hips can also be sustained from hitting against machinery and work stations as employees try to do their job.