Doctors’ offices typically operate during the same hours as many other businesses. This means that workers who need to schedule a doctor appointment will have to do so during work hours. Missing work for a doctor’s appointment is often allowable by employers but most will require certain protocol for taking the time off. It is important to understand your employer’s policy for missing work for medical appointments.


Since you will probably need to schedule your appointment during your own work hours, try to schedule the appointment for either first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon. This will allow you to come in late or leave early from your workplace to deal with your appointment without a lot of missed time or interruption.


Check in with your supervisor as soon as you have the appointment time and date. Ask your doctor for a confirmation in writing that shows your appointment details. Make a copy of this information for your employer so they will have it on record. In some cases, it is good to prove the reason for your time off. Some employers who become suspicious of your missing a few hours of the day may jump to the wrong conclusion for your absence such as looking for a new job.


If your doctor’s visit results in required follow up visits, it will be important to confirm the appointment information in writing so you can provide it to your employer as soon as possible. For instance, if you are scheduled to have surgery, you may need to attend several visits to the doctor prior to the surgery as well as after. The earlier you can prepare for frequent appointments that cause you to miss time from work, the better off you will be at protecting your employment status.