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Top 5 Reasons Employees Miss Work in the Summer

Summer time brings about many more call offs in a traditional work week. As more people want to enjoy the summer’s warm days, not all the calls-offs are authorized but in many cases, summer time brings about some issues that prevent people from making it to work.

Here are the top 5 reasons you might miss work this summer:

Unauthorized Call-Offs

This is popular during the summer time. People who don’t feel like missing the gorgeous weather so they phone into work with a fake illness or other excuse without being legitimately sick. Most employers have limits on how many call-offs can be orchestrated by an employee before a doctor’s note is required.

Summer Health Conditions

Summer brings about a variety of health conditions that may leave you in no condition to go to work. Serious sunburns, heat stroke, and a variety of broken bones are common during the summer months. Injuries on summer jobs can also be a reason many people miss work.

Lack of Childcare

Children are out of school during the summer months and can pose a problem for worker parents. If daycares are not available or sitters call off sick, parents often have to stay home to supervise their children unexpectedly.

Child Illness

When kids are sick and unable to attend a daycare, parents often have to miss work to take them to doctor appointments and otherwise administer medications and care for their summer time illnesses.


Employees who may have not earned vacation time or who have used up their time for other purposes may call off work in order to take their family vacation. Lengthy time off from work can be hazardous to the employee’s work status but some workers will still take unauthorized vacation.