There is a good chance you have missed some work hours throughout your career in the working world because you overslept. It is a common excuse people use to miss work without getting too much backlash. However, most employers will only tolerate the ‘I’ve overslept’ excuse so many times before issuing disciplinary action. Stricter employers may cite you or even terminate you for just one incident of being late without a valid excuse for missing work hours.

A more serious concern about missing work due to oversleeping stems from actual medical problems some people experience that either prevents them from getting to sleep as in the case of insomnia or from issues that prevent them from waking up despite blaring alarm clock bells. While there may be some oversleeping situations caused by situations out of your control such as when the electricity goes out and your alarm clock fails to work, having difficulties with your sleep patterns can be due to underlying medical issues or poor lifestyle habits.

If you frequently rise late for work, you need to evaluate your lifestyle. Be sure to go to bed at a reasonable hour every night so you can get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. Avoid caffeine and other stimulants before going to bed. If you are waking up tired or barely able to wake up at all, speak with your doctor about any sleep disturbances you have which limits your sleep such as insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and the like. Your doctor can perform tests to ensure your physical health is not the root cause of your oversleeping.

Sleep is essential to productivity and safety in the workplace. If you show up late for work, stressed out and hurried, you may be more inclined to make mistakes that injure your co-workers or yourself. Be sure to eat properly and get plenty of exercise to help combat the fatigue. Follow recommendations your doctor makes for lessening the risks of oversleeping and successfully treating any sleep disorders that are causing you to put your job in jeopardy.