Our bodies need certain vitamins and minerals to work properly and ward off many different kinds of chronic health conditions. Salt is necessary for our muscles, nerves, and cells to do their job so if you are depriving your body of these minerals and nutrients through an improper diet you are putting yourself at risk of failing health. Being sick on a regular basis can put you out of work for good and with medical bills piling up, it makes sense to pay more attention to your daily health.

Ask anyone about the salt rumor mill and they are likely to tell you too much salt is bad for your health. The reality of science is disproving that old wives tale as salt is a mineral vital to good health. Researchers have gone so far as to say that it is better to consume too much salt rather than too little. This makes it vital that you know what your body needs to keep you healthy.

Missing time from work for repeated illnesses may only be tolerated for so long. Your employer expects you to be present and functioning in your job capacity and if you are lacking sufficient sleep and adequate nutrients, your body may not be willing to go the distance. You may end up calling off sick one too many times to maintain your job stability.

You may also be putting your body at risk for more frequent injuries. When your muscles are not properly fed, you are at greater risk of strains and chronic pain that can limit how you are able to work. This can be a big problem especially for those who are tasked with physical, manual labor jobs day after day. Muscle injuries and nerve damage caused by injuries at work can complicate your health, your income, and your overall life so it stands to reason that diet and exercise become a main priority in your life.

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