High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a cause for concern for one’s health. While many people are diagnosed as having high blood pressure, many more have the conditions without knowing. If not controlled properly, high blood pressure can cause long-term medical problems that may not present themselves for many years and for some, it can be too late. High blood pressure has been known to be a factor in the sudden deaths of heart attack victims.


It is important to control your high blood pressure, which is a measurement of the force of your blood as it is pumped through your arteries by your heart. It is essential you see your physician on a regular basis to have routine checkups and ensure high blood pressure is kept in check. There are several things you can do to control your high blood pressure effectively, including prescription medication. Your doctor will do a simple test to determine your blood pressure readings which are measured using two numbers. The top number is your systolic pressure and is considered normal if under 120mm/Hg. The bottom number is the diastolic pressure and considered normal if below 80mm/Hg.


Unless blood pressure levels are controlled properly, you can experience many serious health problems which can prove fatal. Some of the health problems directly linked to high blood pressure including damage to your arteries, your heart, your eyes, your kidneys, and your brain. Without proper medical intervention, your blood pressure situation will only get worse, leading to worsening health consequences.


The factors that influence your blood pressure levels include your age, your weight, smoking, stress, excessive alcohol consumption, genetics, chronic kidney conditions, disorders of the thyroid or adrenal glands, heavy salt consumption, and lack of physical exercise. If prescription medication is used in the treatment of high blood pressure, a change to your current diet and amount of exercise will also be necessary to keep blood pressure levels in the safe zone.