Salt has become a demon in the healthier food choice department, often being said to cause high blood pressure and dangerous hypertension. Salt is also said to be the basis of many unnecessary strokes, heart attacks, and other problems affecting the cardiovascular system. But what researchers are discovering today may show that salt has received an unfair reputation.


Our bodies need salt to exist. The current recommended daily allowance of sodium is 2,400mg but science is saying that amount is too low with studies showing people need about 7,400mg, or one and a half teaspoons, of salt in their daily diet. Having lesser amounts on a daily basis can been shown to affect hormones which try to get salt back from the waste stream, leading to kidney conditions and heart disease.


Salt is necessary for our muscles, cells, and nerves to function properly and communicate with each other. Your level of salt intake will depend on several factors including your level of activity in a day, how you eat, and the local climate of where you live. Science has found that too little salt in one’s diet may be more dangerous than taking in too much salt. Consuming too much salt will trigger your thirst and drinking water or potassium-rich fruit juices will flush the excess salt out of your body.


The biggest importance is the acknowledgement there is a difference between unrefined salt and refined salt. Refined salt is highly processed which removes the essential minerals. The unrefined salt is why is recommended for a healthy diet as it contains calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals the body requires. Unrefined salts are typically dried from the sea (sea salt).


A quality diet is essential to long-term good health and the avoidance of health conditions. In addition to the adequate intake of salt, your body also requires other vitamins and minerals to function at optimum levels. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a mainstay in providing these necessary nutrients and your doctor can recommend the proper daily allowance of such ingredients as dictated by your lifestyle and current health.