There are many mistakes one can make when filing a claim for disability benefits. Unlike other applications where a simple mistake is forgivable, a mistake on a claim for Social Security benefits can result in your claim being denied.


Statistics show that nearly 70% of the initial applications for Social Security benefits are rejected. Many of the applications filed contain incomplete or inaccurate information. In fact, there are five common Social Security mistakes people will continually make over and over, resulting in claims being denied.


In order to ensure your application for benefits is completed correctly, it is advisable that you first speak with an experienced attorney so you clearly understand the process and have the right expectations. Our law firm will review the details of your case, your doctor’s recommendations, and your medical conditions to ensure everything meets the criteria the Social Security Administration has set forth.


If you have already filed an application for benefits and have been denied, it is not too late to seek an appeal with an attorney’s help. However, many people are determined to do things on their own to avoid the expense of an attorney only to end up at the same place they were with their initial claim – Denied!


The rules of Social Security can change and be updated at any time. An experienced Social Security attorney understands the procedural changes and stays abreast of what is new concerning the rules for filing a successful claim for benefits. We will also stay with you from the beginning to the end of the process so there are no surprises. When you are dealing with a chronic health condition or a serious medical situation, the last thing you want to do is deal with a bunch of paperwork and complicated rules.


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