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What can YOU do to help win your Social Security Disability benefits?

While an experienced New York Social Security Disability claim attorney can greatly improve your chances of getting your benefits approved, there are also steps that you can take to help your case.  Often claims are denied because the applicant – you – either did not do something you should have or did something you should not have.


Here are five easy things you can do to keep your New York Social Security Disability claim on track:


  1. Follow your doctor’s orders.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) wants to see that you are doing everything that you can to get better.  If you fail to follow your doctor’s orders, they’ll think you are not trying to improve – and this could affect your claim.
  2. Visit your doctor regularly.  The SSA will review your medical records as part of evaluating your claim – and your records are a very important part of their decision.  Keeping your records up to date and proving to the SSA that you are trying to get help with your illness or disability will help your case.
  3. Keep up with your SSA paperwork.  It is important that you keep up with all the paperwork that gets sent to and from the SSA.  Make sure you respond to them promptly and provide all the information they ask for.  Your attorney can help you with this, as incomplete paperwork is a big reason that claims are delayed or denied.
  4. Don’t abuse alcohol or drugs.  If the SSA sees in your medical records that your disability is being affected by drug or alcohol abuse, you will not get benefits.  If you used to abuse drugs or alcohol in the past, make sure your medical records show that you do not abuse them anymore – and keep it that way.
  5. Keep your attorney in the loop.  Make sure that you communicate with your lawyer.  He or she should have copies of your medical records, and you should speak to him or her regularly about your case and any paperwork you receive from SSA.


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