Conditions of the thyroid gland can be complicated because they deal with the hormonal balance of the human body. When hormones are not being produced properly and their levels in the body become imbalanced, it can get difficult to handle daily tasks in your personal life as well as when you are on the job.

A side effect of thyroid conditions involves mood swings due to imbalanced hormones and if you are already experiencing stress on the job, a thyroid condition can make it even more difficult to deal with the irritants of a work environment. You could be at risk for disciplinary action if your behavior at work is considered unstable.

Many people have thyroid conditions that significantly impact their lives but do not even realize the condition is related to a medical problem. Statistics reveal that millions of people have thyroid conditions which go undiagnosed. If you have been feeling particularly irritable, have been experiencing ‘hot flash’ symptoms, notice enlarged glands, or have been losing weight or your hair at a fast pace, you should speak with your family doctor about testing for thyroid conditions.

Thyroid conditions can pose serious health risks, especially if you have other issues affecting your health. Experts recommend getting tested for thyroid conditions at least every five years to help with early detection of problems.

If thyroid conditions are affecting your ability to do your job, be sure to speak with your doctor about treatment options and follow the protocol of your employer if you need to miss work for treatment or recovery. Hormone replacement therapy is often a recommended treatment for thyroid conditions and until the treatment has been sorted out, your hormones can interrupt your life and your ability to work.


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