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Workplace Violence: A Not So Silent Problem

The United States Department of Agriculture is memorializing a tragic tale of workplace violence this week, the shooting death of two compliance investigators and a California agriculture special investigator by a sausage factory owner.

Although that happened in 2000, the propensity for workplace violence is a daily fact for millions of workers in New York and across the United Sates.  In fact, employers are beginning to see the value in workplace violence prevention task forces to ensure their workers’ safety.

It may be scary to realize it, but statistics show that employees are more likely to be murdered at their place of work than nearly any other cause of death while on the job.  That means that employees and employers alike need to take steps to reduce the risk of this happening.

Creating incident reports that detail all the information leading up to and including a violent act can help.  It also may benefit swing and graveyard shift workers to have employee safety and conflict managment training that includes potential risk factors.  Employees should have a point of contact on the corporate ladder for any all all incident reports. 

We know that when there is more information and clearer processes for understanding violent attacks in the workplace, the better off everyone is. If you’re concerned that conditions where you work aren’t up to par, give workers’ comp attorneys at Markhoff & Mittman a call or contact us for a free consultation.