Fractured WristDid you break a bone or suffer a fracture in the course of work?

Fractures can occur as the result of several different types of accidents and can occur in any workplace environment.

Fortunately, New York Workers’ Compensation is designed to protect workers who become injured on the job by providing financial support regardless of what caused a workplace injury to occur. Additionally, Social Security disability benefits can protect injured workers who are out of work for longer periods of time or are unable to work due to a disability.

Understanding your rights and legal options after breaking a bone in a workplace accident can help you expedite your road to recovery.

Work-related Injuries: Broken Bones / Fractures

A broken bone can cause a worker to miss time at work and can have many negative consequences. Lack of income along with expensive medical costs can create a difficult situation for an injured worker recovering from a bone fracture. Fortunately, New York Workers’ Compensation laws were created to protect all workers who become injured in the course of work.

Common Types of Broken Bone / Fracture Injuries

The type of fracture sustained can affect recovery times and your ability to perform certain types of work in the future.

New York Worker With Broken HandUnderstanding the common types of broken bones and the symptoms of certain types of fractures can help you to avoid making a bad situation worse. Some common types of broken bones include:

  • Broken hand
  • Broken wrist
  • Broken finger
  • Broken arm
  • Broken leg
  • Broken rib

Symptoms of A Fracture

Sometimes a broken bone will be obvious depending on the severity of the injury. However, other times it can be quite difficult to tell if you have a broken bone.

The symptoms of a broken bone include swelling, acute pain, inability to move the affected area or surrounding areas.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important to seek medical attention right away.

How Are Work-related Fractures Treated?

A broken bone is usually treated in one of two ways: immobilization or surgery.

How your work-related fracture is treated depends on the location, severity, and type of break. A broken heel will most likely require surgery, while a broken finger may just require a splint.

  • Immobilization: You are probably familiar with casts or splints used to help keep bones in alignment while they heal. However, traction (a system of weights and pulleys) may also be necessary to push the bones into proper alignment. In some cases, such as with a broken tailbone, a cast is impractical and the fracture will be left alone to heal while you keep weight off the area.
  • Surgery: Sometimes surgery becomes necessary to realign the bone. Internal screws and plates also may be used to keep the bone in place once it has been aligned.

Can I Recover Workers’ Compensation For A Fractured Bone?

Workplace Slip & Fall LawsuitUnder New York Workers’ Compensation law, any worker who becomes injured in the course of work is entitled to receive workers’ compensation. Additionally, the law states that all employers in the State of New York are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees through an insurance program or via self-insurance.

As a result, any employee injured in the course of work should theoretically receive workers’ compensation, regardless of the type of injury or the cause.

However, this is not always the case and many workers are denied compensation that they are owed due to a complicated application process and other factors.

Contact The Disability Guys In New York

If you have suffered a fracture while on the job in New York, it is important that you receive proper treatment to avoid permanent damage. After seeking medical attention you should contact The Disability Guys to discuss any compensation that you may be entitled to. Call us at (866) 205-2415 or contact online today.

Broken Bones Need Time To Heal

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