The pressures of earning a living today are almost to the extreme. With a shaky job market and high unemployment ratings, people will hang on to their paychecks no matter what the costs. Sometimes that cost involves paying the ultimate price.

Stress Matters

Workers will often dismiss stress as something they need to deal with but fail to realize the toll it takes on their mind and body. Constant pressure to work harder and do more can complicate a person’s existing medical conditions or create new ones that never before existed. Not only are the chances of developing a physical injury or medical condition higher but those under constant strain can also develop mental health issues that often puts them out of a job.

Stress can be a contributing factor to many physical conditions including high blood pressure, muscle aches, headaches, heart conditions, and reduced immune systems. The mental conditions that are influenced by stress include anxiety, chronic fatigue, and depression. Each health condition can also trigger other medical issues, creating a complex set of problems for the worker.

Reducing Stress

Being able to control your stressors and reactions to those triggers is a good start to a better life. Breathing and relaxation exercises are highly recommended. They are also convenient and can be done anywhere at any time in order to help calm you down.  In addition to the temporary solutions for fending off stress, it is advisable to seek professional help with relieving stress including therapy sessions, massages, and medication intervention if necessary.

It may also be important to speak up on the job about the effects stress is creating in your life. There may be resolutions available but you will only have the opportunity to explore them if you let your supervisor or manager know how stress has been affecting your life. If you are in a management position and the stress in the work environment is too much to bear, be sure to speak with your doctor about your anxiety and stress levels and then work with your management team to create new ways the company can combat stress on the job.