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Workers Comp Back Injuries – Oh, My Aching Back!

Back injuries are among the most frequent type of workers comp injuries, and also the most costly occupational disability. Some back injuries are very severe, involving bulging or herniated disks that cause permanent chronic pain and possibly an inability to work; while other back injuries may be sprains and a nagging pain that just never seems to go away. Back injuries can extend to shoulder injuries, neck injuries, and at times affect your arms and legs, too.

Chronic back pain injuries are extremely difficult to diagnose. Only about 5% of back injuries can be diagnosed through imaging procedures, which means 95% of chronic back pain from injuries must be diagnosed and treated through what the patients explain to the doctors regarding their condition. Recovery from injury involving chronic back pain requires proper medical care. It’s not unusual for insurance companies to limit your ability, or even deny treatments or refuse tests, for obtaining adequate medical services. It’s not always possible to recover from chronic back pain through back exercises. Sometimes, you’ll require a back brace, surgery, or back support ongoing. Huge medical bills, loss of income now and possibly future earnings can result from chronic back pain. As an employee, you are entitled to financial recovery for all back injuries at work through New York workers compensation.

Markhoff & Mittman has successfully handled New York workers disability and workers compensation claims for nearly seventy-five years. If you need assistance getting the medical attention and financial recovery from your chronic back pain, contact us today.